About Coast Development Authority (CDA)

Coast Development Authority (CDA) is one of the six Regional Development Authorities under the Ministry of Planning and Devolution. CDA was established by an Act of Parliament to provide integrated development planning, coordination and implementation of projects and programmes within its area of jurisdiction.

It was established under the Coast Development Act CAP. 449 of 1990 of Parliament to provide for the establishment of an Authority to plan and co-ordinate the implementation of development projects in whole of the Coast Province and the exclusive economic zone and for connected purposes.

The functions of the Authority related to the programme:

  • To plan for the development of the Area and initiate project activities identified from such planning in the development and through the Government generally.
  • To cause and effect the construction of any works deemed necessary for the protection and utilization, of the water and soils of the Area including hydro-power development for multipurpose utilization of water resources.
  • To identify, collect, collate and correlate all such data related to the use of water and other resources and also economic and related activities within the Area as may be necessary for the efficient forward planning of the Area.                                       

Message from the Authority’s Chairman Board of Directors 

Hon. Suleiman Kamolleh during the KCCAP launch

Hon. Suleiman Kamolleh during the KCCAP launch

The CDA Board Chairman Hon Suleiman Kamolleh assured the public that CDA will support the project fully. He said CDA all stakeholders should be able to work together to achieve the programme’s objectives. He emphasized that CDA is open to any discussion regarding the KCCAP.

Message from the Authority’s Managing Director

Dr. Mohamed Keinan Hassan, OGW during the KCCAP launch

Dr. Mohamed Keinan Hassan, OGW during the KCCAP launch

The CDA Managing Director Dr. Mohammed Keinan, OGW emphasized that all the stakeholders involved in the Kenya Climate Change Adaptation Programme (KCCAP) need to work together as a team, in collaboration with respective community members to achieve the programme’s intended objective. Speaking during the launch of the Kenya Climate Change Adaptation Programme (KCCAP), he said it was important that all the programme’s deadlines are met as required; therefore it was important for all stakeholders to be on board.

He explained that the Programme which is funded by the Adaptation Fund will undertake various activities that will address the adverse effects of climate change. He reiterated that during the first phase CDA together with its partners will undertake various interventions that will include: Rehabilitation of ecosystem, Promotion of alternative source of groundwater (roof catchment and construction of water reservoirs) that will enhance food security, promotion of forestry and agro-forestry. Dr. Keinan also said that even though the first phase mainly covered areas of Taita-Taveta, Kilifi and Kwale counties, CDA was ready and had the mandate to spread to other Counties of Coast Region which are under its jurisdiction.

The KCCAP will be implemented by National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Kenya Forest Service (KFS), Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) and Non-Governmental Organisations in collaboration with communities who will ensure the programmes objectives are achieved.

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